FOUR THIEVES: vinegar & oil recipes

I waited patiently, and then, when I really needed it, I got what I had asked for.

Four Thieves is some nifty stuff. I am using the oil with good results to date. The Four Thieves vinegar is very good, as well.


Herbal lore has it that, while the Plague was raging in France, a rash of burglaries of plague victims’ homes was discovered. No effort was made, however, to apprehend the thieves, as it was assumed that they would soon succumb to the contagion in the homes they had robbed..

The thieves carried on their crime spree for some time, and people began to wonder why they had not become ill and die. It was then that the authorities began to pursue them… to discover the secret of their immunity to the Plague.

Once the burglars had been apprehended, they struck a bargain with the authorities, that they should be set free in exchange for revealing the secret to their immunity to the Plague.

It was then that the four thieves revealed the herbal disinfectant formula that rendered them immune to the Plague.

Current theorists suggest that this formula, now called “Four Thieves Vinegar”, may offer protection against fearsome possible threats, such as the flu, smallpox, and biological weapons, which concern us today, as all of its ingredients are either strong anti-bacterial agents, or have potent anti-viral properties.


1 part lavender, dried
1 part sage, dried
1 part thyme, dried
1 part lemon balm (melissa), dried
1 part hyssop, dried
1 part peppermint, dried
1 handful garlic cloves
Raw (unpasteurized), organic apple cider vinegar

• In a glass jar, place all dry ingredients.
• Add raw (unpasteurized), organic apple cider vinegar to cover
• Place jar in a cool place and let sit, at room temperature, for six weeks.
• Strain off herbs and garlic, and decant to a glass bottle or jar with a tight fitting lid.

• Take a teaspoonful several times daily.
• Add to salads either directly or in a salad dressing.
• For personal protection, add a teaspoonful to bath water.
• Use as a topical spray for disinfecting surfaces and/or skin

juniper berries
white wine vinegar

1 part eucalyptus
1 part rosemary
1 part cinnamon
1 part clove
1 part lemon
Carrier oil (olive, jojoba, or your choice)

I put 50 drops of each oil in a 2 oz. bottle and then top it off with jojoba oil (I like jojoba oil because it seems to never go rancid).

An alternative recipe:

200 drops Clove Bud Oil
175 drops Lemon Oil
100 drops Cinnamon Oil
75 drops Eucalyptus Oil
50 drops Rosemary

Mix with jojoba oil.


• Apply 1-2 drops of Four Thieves on the bottoms of the feet and on the nape of the neck.
• Apply under the arms and on the chest.
• Diffuse for 20 minutes or less at work or at home.


I have used Four Thieves for the itch that accompanied a nasty rash that doctors could not diagnose (where is House when you need him?)… I originally applied the Four Thieves oil because I was worried about possible infection after scratching myself bloody in my sleep. The Four Thieves smarted quite a bit when I first applied it, but, then, miraculously, the itch subsided and allowed me to have a life. Although the rash did not disappear, it did diminish markedly every time I applied the oil.

15 responses to “FOUR THIEVES: vinegar & oil recipes

  1. If you don’t want to make your own Vinegar of the Four Thieves, you can find it at (Although this Vinegar is for disinfecting only–you shouldn’t ingest it because of the rue, wormwood, and camphor!)

  2. Just thought i would share that maybe u should be checked for diabeties/pre-diabeties, because before i was first diagnosed with diabeties i had this horrible rasth on my inner thighs belly under my neck on my arms and i would itch my self till i bled so many times i cant count, i still have some of my old clothes that are spotted with dots of blood every where, anyways the doctors said they didnt know why i had it or what it was they thought it was fungal but nothing helped, anyways not long after i was diagnosed with diabeties and i began to notice that when i kept my sugar in check the rast would go away or minimise greatly and when it was out of control for any amount of time i would get the itchy rash again… my doctors never put 2 n 2 together but my sister who studies herbs did she says she thinks it has to do with the skin being used as a filter because the liver is being taxed by the diabeties, so now i try to keep my sugar in balance so the rash stays gone…. maybe u should be checked, if my doctor never put it together maybe yours isnt either.

  3. I have been looking for 4 thieve oil because I don’t want to try and make it on my own. I found one that smells really great and is a super low price here:
    I LOVE this stuff – it works really well and lasts a very long time. Plus it really smells good. I can never get my own blends to smell this nice. they must use really good oils to make it.


  4. My brother has had a problem with a rash, but he found out that is was between the layers of skin, and when he treated the surface rash it would recede back between the layers of skin. If u want more info on that I will get u in touch with my brother. Merry Christmas and God Bless.

  5. Just one note on your recipe.
    The original vinegar used was actually red wine vinegar, not cider vinegar.

    MY COMMENT: Yes, I know that, and it might actually be important, but I am a raw vegan, and I also recognize the benefits of apple cider vinegar. I have had good results with the apple cider vinegar version. Nevertheless, it is important to understand the historical derivations of this recipe, and consider the differences in ingredients in the application. Thank you very much for your very welcome input.

  6. The folks at can provide the ingredients and this blend in bulk at a great price. They use only therapeutic grade oils and all processing is done in an ISO environment with the accompaning certificates of analysis. Great site for bulk ingredients. They also have a great resource call the Natural Remedies Encyclopedia at an incrediable price.

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  8. I plan to use 4 thieves vinager for alot of things.

  9. First I had several bouts with poison ivy. Which the doctors gave me shots and other medications to get rid of it. Each time it took a little longer. Then finally after several years, and seven doctors, (some of them more than once), the rash wouldn’t go away. By that time the rash covered my entire body.
    I was attending a health clinic when a retired nurse ask me if I’d tried castor oil. I said, no. She then said, I thought you told me you read about Edgar Cayce. I had but I didn’t read the part about castor oil. I went home got the book out and sure enough, there it was. A castol oil remedy for rashes.
    Soak a wool flannel cloth in castor oil, wring it out, place it on the rash and cover it with a heat pad. do this for a period of 20 to 30 minutes every three to four hours. You will notice the rash will begin to subside in a few days. Continue until the rash disappears.
    If the rash is on the arms or legs place a elastic bandage around it to hold it firm and in place.
    You can also find Edgar Cayce on line. I think you’ll find reading abut him an enlightening experence.

  10. I can’t seem to fully load this post from my iphone!!!

  11. A question on your oil recipe. The first one has a total of 250 drops in a 2oz bottle, the alternative recipe has 600 drops then add jojoba oil. I think 600 drops maybe close to 2oz.

    MY COMMENT: You know, I didn’t think about including bottle size with the recipe. I just threw that recipe in because I had it. I use the other one, and the bottle size recommended was intended to be understood as for the recipe it was included in. If I were going to use that recipe, I would cut it, anyway, because that much oil would take me a while to get through, and I would be concerned about its viability at some point.


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