I’m still using my Four Thieves Oil recipe (which makes me smell, I think, like some kind of Christmas candy (actually Lush has a solid perfume called Potion which seems to complement it nicely — although I am using enough Four Thieves that I don’t really need other fragrance)

Okay, so, here I am living in what seems to be the Capital of Bedbugs — I know — eeeuuuwww!  New York City has ’em in hotels, fancy homes, and, of course, nice middle class places like mine. Bedbugs keep being in the news, as well as in our beds here.  Nobody seems to know what to do about them, short of move away, which is not an option for me.

I have found one spray which is supposed to work (although they did not tell me how long it is supposed to take!!!!!)  Meanwhile, since Four Thieves has done everything else I asked it to do, I thought that, perhaps, if I rubbed it all over my skin, it might deter bites…. I left some skin bare as a test. It does seem to have worked pretty well, actually… any part that had not had copious amounts of Four Thieves rubbed in just before bedtime got a bite (good! only three new bites!!!!)  So…. if it happens to you…. try it.

Four Thieves  is working so well for me that, if I get shingles again, I may try it (although I imagine it will be excruciating to apply it and wait for it to calm down, it does calm down even the most excruciating itch that cannot bear to be touched or even have fabric on it)

I’m thinking of spraying it on the bed to see what happens. How much can it hurt (okay, I might get a craving for Christmas candy in the middle of the night)

4 responses to “MORE FOUR THIEVES OIL news

  1. Well shoot! It turns out I do happen to have shingles! So, I do know that I can use the Four Thieves on it, although it does smart like nobody’s business for about a minute (I usually go in my room and talk to myself until it calms down).. Interestingly, it does not smart when I apply it during the day, if I get uncomfortable. (I carry it in a little perfume bottle in my makeup case in my purse)

  2. Next time for shingles, try lemmon balm tincture or tea as an internal medicine.

  3. With theives oil I use it daily for respitoria issues resembling asthma. It works great to open the bronchial passages.

  4. Thieves oil was invented by Rroma (gypsies). They weren’t out stealing, they were just living their daily lives when a doctor noticed the gypsy community wasn’t dying and wanted to know their secret. They told him and then he comes up with a story to go along with it since gypsies are a persecuted minority and hated. Can’t have anything nice said about the gypsies who came up with the cure for bubonic plague.

    Europeans today still persecute gypsies. Some way to say Thanks.

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