Repelling No-See-Ums

I’ve been living a horror story for months.  I have had a rash which did not correspond to any ideas the dermatologist could come up with (his explanations were “bedbugs”or “bedbugs” or” bedbugs”.  The only problem was that I have been getting these “lesions” when I was not in bed, besides the fact that I fumigated the apartment against bedbugs, and I have not seen one.

I’ve been able to relieve the itch with Four Thieves oil and with Strivectin, but I have not come up with anything that would make it not happen to start with.

I decided that there were some kind of bugs around (I am raw vegan, and I have done several internal cleanses to make sure that I had no internal business going on), so I went to the hardware store to find some kind of insecticide. I ran into a man who was talking about “no see ums” – we had them by the beach, but I had not thought that they could be in a city like New York (okay, so, we are, duh, by the beach, all around, but who’d’a’ thunk it — I mean, big city and all)…. fast forward… I read up on no-see-ums and found a suggestion to cover all exposed skin with baby oil.

After my yoga class that night, (I needed a shower badly), I passed by the drugstore and picked up some Johnson’s baby oil.  After I had showered, I slathered the baby oil on all of my skin below my face (it was tricky getting it onto my back)

After the first 5 hours, I had not gotten any new itchy bumps (for the first time).  Was it that baby oil helped my skin or that I had been getting bitten and the biters did not like baby oil??? I did not know.
I kept applying the baby oil when I was at my computer – where I noticed the problem.

The other day, in my class, I felt like I was getting bitten by invisible things, and one of my students kept swatting at her arms, as well, so I decided to carry baby oil with me.

Today, I noticed that I was getting that bitten feeling again, even though I had never experienced it in that classroom (my school is moving, so things are in an upheaval), so I nonchalantly whipped out my bottle of baby oil and started massaging it into my arms and shoulders (I was wearing a sleeveless sweater) Okay, so the students probably thought I was weird.  The biting feeling stopped immediately.

How does that old Monkees song go?  I’M A BELIEVER!!!!!!!!!

Now, I can confidently suggest that you try baby oil as a repellant to “no-see-ums”

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  1. I’ve had terrible no see-um bites and my brother told me he discovered this in Mexico—he tried rubbing a *fresh lime wedge* all over the itchy part of his leg (or arm) and like magic! the itch goes away. I’ve tried expensive topical 2 % solution creams and this fresh lime solution really does the job!

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  3. I live on the inner bay in Delaware and I can’t even take my dog for a 15 minute walk without getting bit at least 3 or 4 times. They itch terribly and then leave sores and some times swell up. I am trying to find how to stop them from picking me to bite. Some people are not bothered by them but they eat me up. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Jan

  4. I have been having a horrible problem with no-seeums in my home for 10 years. I know that sounds ridiculous but they have been biting me a lot. I have tried cleaning up my place and putting Lysol on my counters and still I am being bitten. The pest control people say that they have no idea what I’m talking about. If anyone has an answer on how to get rid of these bugs, please let me know. My mother and father have felt them in my home too. I live in a condo and have no money to move. Your advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Have you found a was to kill the no see ums. My sister is having the same problem-getting them out of her house. Everything published seems to be to avoid them but when you are living with them its not a pretty sight.

  5. I have this same problem and it starteed after I took home a plant from my Mothers funeral.(which I threw out!) Ill try the baby oil..Ill try anything at this point, but my question is this…Do you have the itching in you hair and on your face too? It feels like a bug is crawling on my hair, behind my ears and touching my face. Have you heard how to rid them from your home? Mine are around my cumputer also. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank You!

    • spray with RAID FOR FLYING INSECTS in your home . Spray every 3 days for abut 2 weeks . It worked for me.

      that’s a good suggestion if you don’t mind the chemicals.

  6. I live in NYC as well. Since July, I have been bitten apparently by some kind of insect, but I have never seen a thing. I still think it might be bed bugs, since my next door neighbor had them, they’re in my building generally, and there’s an epidemic. The exterminator has come 3 times, and each time he comes, I get bitten worse. Since there’s no blood and no sign of bed bugs, people are beginning to think I’m crazy. But, 3 other people have been bitten in my apartment, plus my dog once after the exterminator fumigated. My clothes are all washed an dried with high heat. Within minutes or a few hours of putting them on, a get the same burning itchy feeling. I’ve covered myself with essential oil of thyme, which might help a little. I’ve now bombed my apartment with cedar oil, but the biting continues. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m desperate. Thanks.

  7. If you can’t see what’s biting you, it’s probably NOSEEUMS. I live one block from the ocean (where they love to hang out) and I’ve tried everything mentioned on the Web. What seems to be working is: 1) a combination of lotions/powders containing Lavender (they hate this), 2) A vinegar solution (1/2 part vinegar + 1/2 part water) in a spray bottle — spray your sheets about one hour before bedtime and 3) Wind: Since I read they are weak flyers, I keep a fan going at low-speed while I sleep. These things had nearly driven me crazy and I cannot understand why none of the media have picked up on a story about this pest. God Bless all.

  8. I live in North Dallas and am bothered by no see um biting bugs. It has been going on since September. It has gotten so bad that I wear a shower cap to bed. I look rediculous but it allows me to get to sleep until 5:45 a.m. when they seem to swarm and wake me up. Like one of the writers before they congregate at my computor since I spend a lot of time there. I’ve been to see a dermatologist who has no idea what I’m talking about. I keep waiting for cold weather to kill them, but we haven’t had any long spells below freezing. Last year I experienced symptoms on my hair for a few months and thought I had lice. I got a marine haircut and that combined with some cold weather got rid of the problem. Then in September it came back with a vengeance and as I write this in January there is no relief. My wife who sleeps in the same bed has never experienced a problem and I think she secretly thinks I’m nuts. I’ve tried aerosol bombs and spraying without positive results. I know I have dry, oversensitive skin but this is crazy. I appreciate any help or sharing

    • Mark and Shannon

      I was reading the comments about noseeums because we have them bad and we were trying to find something to help. We already moved from the house next door because of them and now they are at this home. Especially at night, they love to crawl all over our heads, faces, inside our ears, up our noses, and they even sting our eyelids when we are trying to sleep! They will keep us awake or even wake us up! One trick is to fall asleep quickly and then they won’t bother us. They are so small that they hide in the fibers of our clothes, linens, carpet, etc. Don’t try freezing them, because they just go into a hibernation mode and come right back when its warm again! Also, I read that they have to have water to breed and boy, do they ever! So, keep drains closed, sinks dry, toilets lids covered, etc. When they breed they breed many babies! We have tried EVERYTHING!!!Anyway, I wanted you to know that sometimes one of us will feel them and the other won’t. It just depends on what they are attracted to and where they are at a certain time. By the way, they are part of the mosquito family and they all are drawn to people and animals by the our carbon dioxide emissions ( like when we breathe out). This is how they find us. I guess we are all supposed to stop breathing!! Ha! But I am so glad to hear that I’m not just going crazy or we are not just nasty people or something. We keep the garbage out, we keep our clothes washed, and we aren’t that messy or filthy. But I think that makes the problem worse a little but really they are just attracted to humidity, heat, carbon dioxide and water. So don’t feel crazy and don’t feel like you’re dirty– that is not it! But I’m so thankful to hear some real remedies too, that aren’t so expensive!! We’ll pray for you all as we pray for our terrible noseeums situation! (Florida’s “No Swat Company” website says they can rid noseeums and mosquitoes with built in sprayers outside the home, boats, etc even all the way up here in the North Carolina mountains, but it sounds like it would cost a fortune. However, they have free estimates.)

      • I was getting giant hives from noseeums and my stepson found advice from a Publix Pharmacist on line. Take vitamin B. It has to be the liquid sublingual vitamin B complex. It takes alot to get it built up in your system but once you do you only have to take it once a day. The noseeums don’t like they you taste anymore. I know it sound wierd but I swear to you that it works. I also found that if I use the enforcer flea powder on my carpets that keeps them out for a while

    • I have had the same problem since April I bombed I sprayed I bleach and nothing however my 6body I put my head back and pour rubbing alcohol with my eyes shut tight and I hold my breath and drench myself with I wake up often slapping the crap out of myself or scratching myself raw while I’m trying to sleep this is horrible a I feel them everywhere

      • I too am going out of my mind with the no seeums…since end of July till husband is not getting bit and I have 100 bites at a time all over my body and welts..I have gained 25 pounds using prednisone to stop the itch and take the welts works if you want to get really fat..right now I have the house here in florida at 60 degrees..I am so lost what to do as I am so allergic and have not gone outside in over a month…it has really rained here this year and it seems I am the only one getting ALL the y scalp as well…lumps all over…I am losing my mind…Annie
        would a bug zapper help?? anyone..have any idea’s..HElp please

  9. I’ve got the No seeums. Some socks I put on and I get a terrible vibrating sensation, knowing they’re there, and when they start biting, I throw them out. Maybe with global warming these things will take over the world?

  10. I came from Sweden to Florida for vacation , to the Keys. Everything was wonderful, until one nite something attacked me , later I found out that was noseeums. And after some days I counted the bites ,,,,,,,,,,, beliave me or not …..480………and they do ich a lot…… I am used to moskitos at home ,,,,, but these where something much worse. I had a dream to go back home tan and pretty, but the result is red and ugly! Well, there are worse things happening in the world ……….but this was a weard experience!!!!!!!!!

  11. Noseeums are throughout this country. They like water (moisture for larvae), dirt and grasses(nesting place), bushes and trees (another word for the human head) to live out the short but prolific life cycle. They are called no-see-ums because they are so small you can’t see ‘um unless you focus on one that has landed. (I’m not surprised to hear that Drs don’t have a clue). Some folks have very little problem with noseeum bites – only the females bite for blood, for food for her larvae – and some folks have horrible problems with allergic reactions to the bites. What I’ve learned is different body chemistries attract insects more than others (my husband, too, is the target for insects while I remain virtually untouched). However, I am too sensitive for chemical repellents so finding *remedies* has been quite a process. So, here is what works for us – citonella candles (especially at doorways) and MosquitoBarrier(.com) for our yard, and Dr. Mercola(.com) Bug Off (for humans and dogs). I’ve heard that baby oils, lavendar lotions and vanilla(s) work, too, which makes sense as repellent seems to be the key. And even tho you might smell like a bouquet for a while, once the repellents have been *in place* for a few days, insects will be noticeably less pesty. Good Luck!

  12. …just thought some of you would find this article interesting – and, *yes*, I live in Arizona where noseeums, etc, are real problems..

  13. I was at lake powell camping in utah and started getting bitten immediatly there and now it continues at home in colorado.I believe they are midges that bite to get blood for reproduction. I too get an itchy crawly feeling on my skin many times a day. Going to try baby oil and lavender.

  14. I once read a site where a man who had battled them for years finally admitted that they were God. Having battled them for 15 years I agree.

    I used all kinds of stuff but they just evolved around them. Take Garlic. Yeah that knocks out most of them, but the 2% that force their way past it will live to breed a super batch of babies that eat garlic for lunch. This evolving factor took place for lemon and pure vinger too. My cans of Buzz Away worked at first but after a month it was like a scent that merely told the bugs which room I was hiding in. I think the citronella in it became a kind of food for them.

    The bottom line is this: anything that does not kill them outright ends up allowed one or two bugs through. These super bugs then breed a whole new population, and after a few more generations your halfway measures merely end up breeding a super population.

    Only things that kill outright or that block them with a mass of atoms like solid walls and airtight rubber sealed doors with absolutely no cracks is going to stop them.

    Baby oil is just mineral oil and it is really not good for your health and can stain clothing – and boys should remember that Lavender is a gender bender that absorbs through your skin.

    When it was super cold here last winter I still had them – likely breeding in the walls from condensation pools. Not sure. But what I found worked was to buy 5 large spot lights like construction sites use (brand was Commercial Electric), and I slept like a baby under 3000 watts of light from all directions wearing a thick blindfold. Got a slight tan too. But these lights raised heated the room to 88 degrees with the heater in the room shut off and the air outdoors at zero to 6 degrees. The little monsters were just too small to withstand bright light that likely heated them up past their survival zone. However this is too hot to use when its warm outside. (note: the lamps should be at least 4 feet away from the bed as touching them can leave a bad burn) The noseeums never did find a way to evolve around the 3000 watts of light.

  15. No- C- ums are also known as midges. If you sit at a desk and feel the little blood suckers biting but think you are going crazy because you can’t see anything you probably have them. I put a bug zapper under my desk and for three days straight I found close to a hundred dead ones. under a magnifier they look just like a tiny mosquitoe. In Reno they can be seen by the river flying in huge swarms. In Las Vegas I have found hundreds of dead ones in our pool. The bug zapper for inside is a bit drastic but it does kill them. And you may have to try it to get eveidence that something is biting you and you are not crazy. just keep the zappers away from anything that can iignite as it does fire up bugs. Good Luck

  16. heck this website. its Florida gov. on this bug

  17. Our family has always used Avon’s product called ‘Skin So Soft’ to combat no see ums. I’ve even seen small bottles of the stuff sitting out in a basket near the register in small grocery/drug stores in Arizona over the years.

    • I also have found that Avon’s Skin So Soft gelled bath oil to be a great help. Its actually glycerin and it smells great. It helps bites feel better too. Use it sparingly and it absorbs quickly. No greasy feel.

  18. what I need to know how do you get thse no-see-ums of or your clothes
    I wash & wash and can’t get them out – have thrown or bunch of clothes already – have to keep rolling the buggers off the clothes before wearing –
    is there some soap that can be used to get them out of the filbers –
    thank you in advance

  19. Thanks for all the suggestions. We have been at war for only a week or so, feel terrible for those who’ve been at it for years. It’s been mostly in bed when we get bitten.
    Bug bombs haven’t worked, cleaning everything floor to ceiling (including linens several times) with bleach didn’t work, steady prayer hasn’t worked yet, and I currently have two space heaters pointed at the bed and the room blocked off for the night to see if excess heat will end them (we are sleeping in the den to avoid them). We are definitely ready to try baby oil. Saw on another site that insecticide with Permethrin was supposed to be effective. I will update with any successes. All the best…

  20. Years of living in Florida, where nothing is done by authorities to combat these little buggers, almost robbed me of sanity and well-being. I tried everything, at once, and all together, to little, or no avail. The best thing, is to do everything at once, pending relocation to Alaska, where the cold seems to be their undoing. Do keep in mind that some of the “cures” have potentially health-damaging and negative environmental (as well as financial) impact, so do proceed with caution and a bit of self-education.
    Here is how I handled living with no-see-’ems while I lived in Miami:
    a. Stay away from products,such as OFF!, which contain DEET (which, at least sounds like DDT, both of which have been linked to all sorts of ills). In lieu of this, what I found most helpful was concentrated citronella oil diluted in water. Use this dilution to clean counters, table tops, walls and to mop floors. It repels mosquitoes, too, which is always a plus!! Also a plus, is that it doesn’t generate the smoke of citronella candles, which can only, and should only, be used outdoors.
    b. If you can take the smell of it, a few drops of this same citronella oil in a spritzer bottle can be sprayed into the air, every few minutes, as well as sprayed directly on one’s skin. A few drops can be added, and mixed well, to your hair conditioner, if they bother your head… this also lasts a long while. A few drops added to a favorite scent-free lotion has similar long-lasting impact.
    Keep the inside of your house dry and cold.
    I also have a net over my bed that prevents the little bastages from waking me up at 5:00 a.m., when they seem to be most active and most voracious… This netting was inexpensive, easy to put up and saved my life and that of my child… so… If anyone is interested in the link for the netting, please post a comment here as I am notified of all comments via email.
    Hope some of this was encouraging, helpful, and provided some hope!

  21. Greetings! has anyone tried “SKIN SO SOFT” from Avon? Works for my family.

  22. Years of living in Florida, where nothing is done by authorities to combat these little buggers, almost robbed me of sanity and well-being. I tried everything, at once, and all together, to little, or no avail. The best thing, is to do everything at once, pending relocation to Alaska, where the cold seems to be their undoing. Do keep in mind that some of the “cures” have potentially health-damaging and negative environmental (as well as financial) impact, so do proceed with caution and a bit of self-education.
    Here is how I handled living with no-see-’ems while I lived in Miami:
    a. Stay away from products,such as OFF!, which contain DEET (which, at least sounds like DDT, both of which have been linked to all sorts of ills). In lieu of this, what I found most helpful was concentrated citronella oil diluted in water. Use this dilution to clean counters, table tops, walls and to mop floors. It repels mosquitoes, too, which is always a plus!! Also a plus, is that it doesn’t generate the smoke of citronella candles, which can only, and should only, be used outdoors.
    b. If you can take the smell of it, a few drops of this same citronella oil in a spritzer bottle can be sprayed into the air, every few minutes, as well as sprayed directly on one’s skin. A few drops can be added, and mixed well, to your hair conditioner, if they bother your head… this also lasts a long while. A few drops added to a favorite scent-free lotion has similar long-lasting impact.

    2. NETTING
    a. Hang netting over your bed to keep out the mosquitoes and no-see-ems which love to come feed off you and get you itching like crazy at 4:30 – 6:00 a.m. It not only keeps these little blood suckers off you, but it also keeps other creepy crawlies off the bed and off your skin. I have a great netting that I distribute and if anyone is interested, feel free to contact me by posting on the wall.

    Most importantly of all

    a. Keep the inside of your house dry and cold and if you have bed bugs, cockroaches or fleas… a great, non-toxic solution (to humans and pets) is diatomaceous earth. Whatever you opt to do, good luck.

  23. P.S. I forgot to mention the most essential… if you DO get bitten, a great itch remover is a few drops of vinegar (preferrably apple cider vinegar) placed on the site of the bite PRIOR TO SCRATCHING… the nature of the vinegar draws out the toxins and leaves you itch-free and scratch free. It has worked for me and also with my baby who is highly allergic to mosquitoes.

  24. I bought a bromeliad and two weeks later had an army of noseeums in my house. I read that the larvae can live up to one year on a plant containing water and then hatch in the right climate. It has been a tough couple of months. I tried aerosol bombs twice. The first one left hundreds of dead bugs everywhere. Then a week later I sprayed to get areas where the bomb might not reach. Subsequently I have poured borax on my carpet, swept it around with a broom, let if sit for an hour or two, then vacuumed it up. The borax will kill the larvae which is not affected by insecticides. I have been washing clothes, linens daily. Sometimes I can see the tiny black dots in my clothes. If I cannot remove them, I throw my clothes away. I have also been microwaving my clothes before I put them on. Then I shake them out. They seem to be attracted to white cotton, so I wear other fabrics as much as possible. My skin is sensitive, and with these noseeum bites I am hypersensitive. I took a bath in Epsom salts with eucalyptus which calmed the bites. Typically I use hydro cortisone on the bites. For a trip a doctor prescribed Permitherin to get rid of any bugs on my body. Unfortunately I had a reaction which was a red ring around my neck with bumps. I was able to eradicate the reaction with hydro cortisone. Also I have the noseeums in my car. After repeatedly exterminating my car, I now use a hand steamer. The hand steamer will kill them for 12-24 hrs, and then they are back. At least I am not poisoning myself. I also use the hand steamer on my bed before I go to sleep. I still have stinging on my skin, but I am not sure if the stinging sensation is just a reaction from previous bites. The battle is not over, but I have made a lot of progress. On to baby oil and lavendar. Also will bug a bug strip for my desk at work to see if I can capture them. Wow, is this a modern day form of the plague?

  25. Someone told me Skin So Soft by AVON did the trick for repelling NOSEEUMS. It’s sort of like Baby Oil, so that makes sense. I had earlier heard it was good for repelling mosquitos. Now, I see they even sell it specifically for that Just wondering if anyone has had success with it.

  26. Think I answered my own question – or, rather Snopes did:

  27. Oh man … I thought I was going crazy until I checked the comments written by all of you who are literally being tortured by those stupid little bratty no-seeums. I, too, notice them around the computer screen but have also seen them in the bathroom and kitchen. They’re in my hair at some times and I even felt one crawling on my eyelashes. Good God, help! I’m trying the vinegar and water spray for my skin for now until I can get some Skin So Soft, a fresh lime, vanilla and or lotion & lavender.

  28. iv used everything from bug off to lotions nothing works. iv even tried to poison the place down. in a house with my aunt and two kids only me and my son get bit every time it turns into a blister then a pink pimple then a bruise it always looks like we are beat up. i live in az and its the worst when summer just starts and when its just ending in between is still hard but not as bad. but we have had them in our hair and had them go up our pants and long sleeve shirts. so if you find something that works please post

  29. I think that my quiet and serene home turned into a living hell invaded by surely the most evil and vile invaders about a month ago when I brought home a Noni fruit from the beach.
    Began having no see um symptoms a few days later. Horrible “rash” that I attributed to something else. Something pinging my head at night. The night they hatched was surreal…staying up late working on my computer with my TV on in the background…this made the lighting just right to “see” the no see ums…the female queen had already sucked my blood and gone to hatch her billion eggs…thought I was hallucinating at first…tiny almost glowing white balls dive bombing at me…eerie…
    1. Best plan to start: no standing water ever. Wipe, cover, dry, plug, seal, whatever…
    2. Anything they like: older wood, any wood, plants, fruits, etc…gone, refrigerated, or sealed to “no see um levels”.
    3. Move things around to expose dark or moist areas…exposure is important. They chose between two different areas in my home…one was dark and woody, the other bright, woody, and yellow (they were attracted to the stained glass). I sprayed everything with ORANGE GUARD (can be used around food, humans and pet,they say) I have antiques, art, and all common or uncommon surfaces and it hasn’t altered or damaged them in any way.applying the methods I had learned from you I was actually able to take the first billion insurgence down to a very few…thought I had won…
    4. Find the queens or nests…found one first in a 6 drawer wooden jewelry box…kill the queens and lower the population…find the nest you win…I hope. I found the nest in the most unlikely spot…my box of organic laundry soap…all stages: eggs, red wormy larvae, and ready for flight before I become the minute glowing, attacking nightmare…
    6. Didn’t have some of the remedies handy…vanilla didn’t work well if you were passively indoors. The garlic eating did have an effect on the amount and intensity of bites only…just read about the baby oil – only had the powder…It does seem to hold them off with reapplication. I agree with the comment that they are adaptable and they need to be hit and hit hard before they adjust…
    As for myself, I have won some wars thanks to your help,but I now have a tent in the middle of my living room so that I can sleep until they’re gone…It faces the TV and I pack a bag with everything I need until morning…


  30. OMG! It is Sept 2011–14 years in Long Island, NY and I have not experienced this misery. After the last storm we got early this month, I finally get to enjoy camping in Montauk. When I came back the following Monday, I was sitting at my desk working with my laptop. My hair felt like something was crawling all over the place, even though I totally tied my hair and wore a baseball cap. Drove me nuts! Then, something started to bite my legs. I used my camping bug spray but my effort only killed my crickets room mates but the biting persisted. Poor crickets. I was so annoyed, I can hardly focus on doing my job.
    Desperate for some protection, I sprayed myself with my bug spray. I got Cutter Advance spray. It supposed to deter anything tiny that wants blood. Crazy enough, me and the crickets are the only ones who got dizzy but the biting persisted. I thought did I brought home some sand fleas? Was that brand new tent I got which was made from Bangladesh had bed bugs? But like the first Author had said, I also got bitten, not being in bed but sitting in front of my laptop, while working. And, at nite, the feeling of something landing on my skin happens not under me but the outer portion of my skin.

    So this past Sunday, I decided I will not go camping. Instead, I went to Coney Island and sat there all day, in front of the water. But before I left the house, I went to an ACE store and bought the strongest bug bomb they got. Bombed my room with 1 can and another can inside my tent. I left the bomb while I was at the beach. I came home and aired out the room and sprayed that bed bug canister on my beddings inside my tent. Then I turned on my Holmes odor machine and by midnight, the room is less toxic and I turned on the iron on full blast and iron my beddings and and the wall of my tent to kill anything that is alive. I slept by 1am and due to exhaustion, I was not bothered by the creatures. I woke up late since I don’t have to log in to work until late AM, I was so happy that I did not tossed and turned all night.

    Then I got up to make coffee and headed for the showers . Then, I saw the red bumps. I counted 58 in my left leg/thigh, 48 in my right, a total of 65 in both arms and 5 bites in my tummy. These pests—blessed its soul as God made them and saw the creation as good, have been driving me crazy, irate, and just want to burn the house. I wonder how in the world did this evil creatures came to the house. We have lived in this house for 4 years and suddenly, this misery. What drives me more crazy is that there are 6 of us in this house, and only 2 of us suffer. I got the worst bite.

    The other Author said that this creature(s) are drawn from the carbon dioxide that we released. I know my blood sugar is high, although I am not yet diabetic. I wonder, if I start to drink my favorite cocktail–Long Island Ice Tea (top shelf), before I go to bed, will these creatures dislike the toxic carbon dioxide I will be releasing in the air and stay away from me and away from my room.
    I tried the bug spritz on my skin, tried bombing my room, tried ironing everything in the room, tried lotion, scented body powder, I practically bathe with rubbing alcohol and paroxide, tried cetronella [or whatever that candle I used for camping to drive off insects], Yankee vanilla candles, vanilla oil plug-ins, but my room just smells funky now with all of the chemicals I have used. My crickets friends are all dead and I am the only one getting dizzy from whatever is in the air.

    I tried driving them away from my room by putting the fan in the window–full blast and backwards, and tried to drive them out of my room and out of the house or at least to paralyze them with my Metallica, Ozzy, GNR, and high-pitch gospel music. I even tried to bored them to death with the 3 Tenors or the Mormon choir as it bores my roommates and make them leave the house to go somewhere else where “live people exist” as they say; but to no avail.
    And hours ago, on my way to Burger King, I stopped by at the drug store to buy baby oil. Although I can’t really use oil on my skin without breaking out, I am desperate. So I put some on my skin 3X already in 1 hour. I am sitting here typing inside my tent and so far, the creatures are still landing in my long hair, like a Lufthansa to JFK and the creatures still biting my legs and thighs.
    I have 1 more weapon to use inside my room against the creatures—Hot steamer for my suits. I assume these creatures park itself at the edges of the walls. Maybe I will hot steam them to oblivion. If nothing else, I will use my sports cream–yeah, the BenGay kind. I wonder if that would have the same effect to the creatures as with my roommates, “ewe! you smell like a 90-year old”. OMG! I was hoping this 2011 summer & fall will be as beautiful as last year’s, but I guess not. I have an appointment with my Dermatologist next Friday. Im curious what she is going to say. I read the article from that guy in AZ and as per his suggestion, wear long sleeves and pants. I tried and it is more of a pain having to have so much clothes when the creatures crawled in cuz it is hard to smack and kill it, than bare skin. NUTS!!!
    I am still curious as to why these creatures will not bite my 4 other roommates and what attracts them to my skin and my blood.

    Ha Ha!
    My room-mate got fleas, but I didn’t, even though we share a wall. Then I got bedbugs but she didn’t. What’s up with that?

  31. This is good as far as validation. I feel like a freak or wierdo. I figure this is how meth addicts must feel, but i don’t do drugs of any kind so WTF?
    It has been about 5 days now….IO am losing my mind. I cannot fathom YEARS.

    Sage~ Eugene, Oregon.

  32. You can use cat/kitten shampoo as shampoo and body wash to discourage them for a longer time, about a few days. If it doesn’t harm kitties, it’s unlikely to hurt you.

  33. I guess they were here before us and for sure will be here for longer than us. in a way they protect some prestine places that we cant get to yet but we want to move in and have it all for us,if it bites kill it,how about go somewhere more poluted where everthing is dead.

  34. Try NoNoseeum Spray. It was developed on Sanibel Island Florida and is all natural, smells great and it WORKS.!

  35. I lived in Florida for almost 4 yrs. and thats where I first found out about no seeums. After that they followed me wherever I went, even in California and overseas. I lived in California for over 30 yrs. and never experienced these creatures. They get into all parts of my body (use your imagination). I once spoke to the pharmacist and he knew what I was talking about, but he told me he did not know of anything to get rid of them. I have no peace with these pest.
    Its true, if you find something they don’t like, its only for a while. They come back or reproduce with a vengeance.
    I have been researching and they say that a combination of citronella oil with eucalyptus, lemon and grapeseed oil or olive or jojoba oil works. You can also dilute the following oils in at least 4ozs. of water in a spray bottle. 15-20 drops of citronella oil; 15 drops of lavender essential oil;10 drops of eucalyptus oil; and 7 drops of lemongrass oil. Make sure that you can achieve a small enough mist to adequately cover skin well.
    I don’t know if this works because I just founnd out about it and I don’t have all the ingredients yet. I have tried the citronella with water only but its not enough. Lavendar works for a little while. I also read that Lavandin oil is better because it has a repellent in it. What really works is SMOKE!! but its hard to creat smoke indoors. I have a big can that I save when I bought tomatoe sauce and sometimes when I get desperate I put some shreded paper and burn it. Becareful if you do this indors. As I said, it works but only for a little while. I can watch a movie a peace. Good Luck!

  36. I have been dealing with noseeums for 4 yrs now. I move from one apt to a house and took them with me. I haven’t found a way to kill them ,But Equate Lavender Baby Oil Gel will give me a good night sleep most of the time. good luck.

  37. I have been dealing with them for 4 yrs now they were diving me to killing my self at times,anyway i find that Equate Lavender Baby Oil Gel works for the most part at least i can get some sleep,but iI would like to kill them all. It’s from Walmarts

  38. The best way to get rid of them in the home is with bug zappers. We had a vacation home in the keys and one year we were overun with them! We put a bug zapper, the old fashioned kind with the blue light, in each room and left the house for 2 days. When we came back we moved the bug zappers to the doors and any windows we might open. All the bugs inside were gone and the zappers at the doors and windows kept them out! They attack the bug zappers immediatley but make sure you leave them long enough to kill all of them!

  39. Amstat Capital

    I’ve lived in FL since 1994 after living in CA for 20 years. And you’re right, CA doesn’t have these pests but I love FL so I’m sharing paradise with the noseeums. In the summer when it’s real hot, they’re only out early a.m. and evening. That’s when I come inside. Some follow me in but not bad. I also have fans going in the house and make sure to close the windows. You can’t trust the screens – they come right through.

    What I do in the Spring and Fall on still days, I apply Avon’s Skin So Soft oil after I’ve rinsed the soap off with real hot water. The hot water opens your pores and the oil seeps right into the moist skin. Then dabb dry with your towel and your towel will always smell good too. I wear an old house dress until I’m totally dry, but you don’t have too. You can rub it in good and it won’t stain clothes.

    It’s important to not apply this every day. Rub in lavendar or vanilla lotion another day. This keeps the scents changing and they won’t get immune to it.

    Thankfully, I have not experienced the problems in bed, in clothes, etc.

  40. chrissylynn1537

    I love all of your comments on these! I was laying on my couch dying with laughter! Only because I’ve been going through the same thing! “See I’m not crazy!!!” At night I swear they are on me when I sleep all the time and I swear I’m getting bit and my fiancee thinks im nuts! OF COURSE THEY DON’T BITE HIM. I’m originally from Philadelphia, PA & moved to Florida about 2 years ago and never in my life have experienced such a horrendous bug! I had no idea what they hell they were until moving here. I noticed the days I used my Hawaiian Tropic after sun lotion they started to leave me alone. It’s green in color and I think its lime coolada! They hate it or so I think so! If I dont use it forget it they are all over me! I also found this site that says how to get rid of them too they call them sand flies which they are not they are a form of “midge” (whatever that is) and heres the site i found the info! Good luck everyone! It’s a war zone out there with these horrible bugs! I’d love to see eradication of these evil dastardly bugs!

  41. i lived in san diego for the past 9 years and never had a problem. but i started having this problem about 4 months ago. i did what everyone else already said: washed all my sheets and clothes in hot water, inspected my bed for bed bugs, went to the doctor a couple of times, thought maybe it was hives from a nut allergy, thought it was maybe the new place where i work. i am at wits end and have almost had emotional breakdowns because of the persistent problem and the itchiness. even my scalp itches even when they are not biting. i am so tired because i take benadryl every day. today i wore a long sleeve tech shirt and ran on the treadmill inside and i still got bites on my back. they are so itchy and painful, like someone is poking me with a needle at that spot. i am going to try ALL of the above suggestions. i am so glad i read this because i thought i was going crazy. my husband has not had one bite! i will report back on what works for me and what doesn’t. thank you all for your help! 🙂

  42. Glenda Barnhart

    A sure remedy is to coat the red itchy spot with fingernail polish—maybe it blocks off their air supply, I don’t know, but it is an INSTANT remedy!!!
    A friend had the bites around her waist ( they like warm spots) and had only red polish–you can imagine what she looked like…..
    If you don’t have fingernail polish, use ‘NewSkin’ –it works the same way.
    After putting polish on the 5 red itchy welts, I am sitting here with NO Itching.

  43. The sliced lime over the bites really helped me. It stung a little at first but took the itch out. I don’t know yet if that’s a permanent or only a temporary fix. Thanks for your help. I really needed it !!!!

  44. I’m going to try it. I live near watered grass, and this seems to be where they are coming from. Also, I’ve had horses that were so tore up on their bellies they would kick themselves. At least I’m not kicking myself. 😉

  45. Try menthol crystals, as strong as you can stand them, but be careful because the can be toxic. I put a mask on to avoid issues and put the animals on the porch for about 15 minutes after heating up a batch. The other thing is to be careful about the liquid exploding in your microwave because you will have to replace it. Lastly the liquid crystallizes once it cools down so make sure not to spill or it will leave a waxy residue. You can use the batches over and over. I treat the underside edge of counts, bed rails, etc to keep the stuff around and fighting the bugs. I have been heating them as little water as possible and then strategically placing them in the house. I also treat the doors and door jams with the liquid. If you can get a mist under the furniture you will notice a difference in as little as five minutes. I am in the process of getting vaporizers to bomb the heck out of the house. Nylar is also supposed to help and I have some of that on the way.

  46. I hve found that placing bleach in stainless stell such as my sink kills them; but I also learned an expensive lesson since the bleach destroyed my sink. What I hate is when I go places and I carrying the biting “devils” with me. How do you prevent them from going with you and biting other people? This makes me feel awful when I know they are biting others.

  47. bitingbitches

    I live in Queensland Australia near one of the many inland creeks with those ugly MANGROVES! Mangroves are “stubbly” edges of waterways, looks like dead remains of small trees surrounded by mud + sludge yuck! Absolute haven for no see ums (biting midges) mistakenly named sandflies! They like tropical temperatures and moist mud (soil?), less of them in winter. They are a menace, their bites sting + itch for days after, if you scratch the area becomes inflamed and swollen and when it heals it leaves a white mark on your skin, like scar tissue? If you get bitten year after the year it is as if the skin becomes fragile and weak. I once counted over 30 bites on my left foot lower leg area! Thousands of the little f—-!! You can tell people who live near creeks just by looking at their skin, loads of red, scratched bloodied scabs, HORRIBLE!

    The Baby Oil thing …apparently it just makes your skin too greasy for them to land? I’ve tried everything else, sprays, herbal remedies, spraying my house, now I just hide. Curious thing that some of you mentioned, they also find me when I’m sitting at my computer, much less so when I’m sitting on the couch watching TV? Why is that?

    Surely there is some kind of chemical that one can sow over the soil to kill off their habitat / breeding area? They attack everything from humans to horses, worst of all, in Queensland mangroves are protected, the councils won’t do anything to eradicate the pests by spraying!

  48. bitingbitches

    Oh, I forgot to mention, I agree about SMOKE but in a different sense, I have noticed that people who smoke cigarettes seem to be less affected by mosquitoes and biting midges, could it be the nicotine?

  49. I’m on a roll about this now. You can make a Nicotine Insecticide, I’m so desperate I will try anything.

    For the more holistic, I’ve heard that taking Vitamin B (B1 specifically), brewers yeast, Marmite helps change the scent of your blood?? & makes it less attractive to these pests? I tried it once but no luck, garlic too, no luck.

  50. Wow – I am so glad to have found this site, as I, too, have been thinking I must be nuts — I am being driven so, by noseeums! Around the computer, sitting in the living room –aargh! In my hair, nose, eyebrows, skin. I have lavendar oil; I am going to try it immediately. Thank you for all the insight

  51. The best solution I have found to make people aware that there is something there and that it really is biting you is to get one of those handheld paddle bug zappers. I found one for under $7 at the local big box store and have been rather revengefully zapping these creations of the netherworld for a bit now. It is the only thing that I have found that works on the ones that have become entirely resistant to all the sprays, etc. The first night I got the vast majority of the worst offenders and now I hope to be working on the last 10%.

    This also makes those who do not get bitten in the same household, etc realize you are not out of your ever, living, loving mind. For those of you on medication you may want to keep in mind that the meds may be numbing you to the bits.

    I nearly crippled myself from the exhaustion of not sleeping and the constant cleaning, washing, and vacuuming. Do not get me wrong you must still do all these very vigilantly and about 5 times more often than one normally would, but that beats the heck out of basically boiling your sheets every night and vacuuming every square inch of the house, the couch, the mattresses, pillows, etc and breathing menthol until you want to puck. Plus you now have a way to address the issue in your car and at work.

    The zapper I have found is harmless to anything other than the bugs, I put it directly on my skin, to my hair, etc and there is no issue with burning, etc. I also lay it directly on fabric, etc with no issue. I do probably over do it because if I feel the slightest thing I wand it as I do not want to take the chance and find out these nasty things can somehow mutate to be resistant to the zapper. The zapper does seriously zap so the sound is a bit unsettling when you do it to yourself, but almost therapeutic when you run it across the couch the first time. If you want to have real fun turn off the lights and do it, it is like a mini fireworks display.

  52. We have been in Sanibel Island, FL for the past week. We have tried DEET, Skin So Soft, and the No-See-Um spray. Sometimes we have used all 3 at the same time! I’m convinced that nothing is a sure repellant. There are 5 of us and we are covered with red, ugly, itchy bites. We look like we have chicken pox! We have had a fantastic time here in Sanibel and on Captiva, but these horrible little creatures are impossible!! I’m thinking that hell is surely covered with these devilish pests! Now I’m afraid that we might take them home with us. I pray we will not, but after reading these posts, who knows? Best wishes to all of you who have to endure these on a daily basis!

    • Karen, I’m also skeptic when it come to sprays, nothing works 100% against these pests! We have an Australian insect repellant named Aeroguard, tropical strength. When you spray it on yourself you gasp for breath, it burns your eyes and nose and gives you a sore throat! It keeps them away for a couple of hours but you can’t go through life spraying and becoming asmatic! If it affects you, it will affect them, else not!

      I’m going to try a bug zapper this year but in Australia certain zappers are illegal, believe it or not! Again, it is not a total solution.

      The bites, they burn for days afterward & if you scratch it will leave white scar tissue like marks on your skin. The only relief I found is to hold the bitten areas of your body under very hot water, as hot as you can stand, it tingles and it GREATLY relieves the itching afterwards! It does open the bites and that has to heal afterward but you will open the skin by scratching anyway. Whatever these pests inject into your skin has to come out, else it will just swell up and itch until you scratch and open the bite.
      Someone suggested Voltaren (cools inflammation?) which I never tried.

      About taking them with you… I believe they need swampy environments, water moist and warmth.

  53. I haven’t seen it here in the posts I have read, so I will add that I too, have suffered the no-see-um curse for a few years now (to be almost 50, and only know about these monsters for the past 4-years, hey, something changed and I don’t like it). Anyway, try candles and house sprays with LEMONGRASS and CITRONELLA as the MAIN scents in them. ideally, LEMONGRASS, as no-see-ums don’t like it at all. If you have a yard outside, plant LEMONGRASS as a barrier to your house, all around. Suddenly, you will GREATLY reduce their bites, as they won’t cross it to come in your home.

    If you are like me, and predominantly live in your RV in parks or campgrounds, and you can’t change your landscape any, then the best sprays or scents are those that are ‘friendly’ (candles, incense and soaps) that are predominantly lemongrass. FYI, the reason they itch so much is that they appear to be of the same ‘bug family’ as lice (seems what kills or affects lice, affects them), and since they breed in swampy water and sewers (hence why you ALWAYS find them in developed RV parks) is how you are getting terrible welps – from the germs they carry.

  54. Ive lived in southern calfornia (long beach) all my life. 47 yrs. I have never had a problem with anything but fleas. Now all of a sudden im being eaten alive by some invisible blood sucking pest. Its not mosquitos, nor bed bug, nor fleas. Flea bites go away. Ive been told California doesnt have noseeums. Also that they don’t
    like smokers. WRONG. One author here said tHat she can see them. I don’t seenothing. Hence the name. Help plz. Does So. Calif. Have these?.What do I do. Thanks in advance.

    FROM ME:
    No-see-ums exist everywhere in the world. Some say they don’t exist because they don’t see them. At my job, we have no-see-ums, and I know it because I will be just fine, and then I will be scratching until I draw blood (happened today).
    If you read this post you will know what has worked best for me, ultimately. There are also other people’s comments that might work for you.
    I carry 3 things with me to work – lavender oil (all purpose antiseptic/antibiotic, relaxer), four thieves’ oil (stops weird itches for me), and a little bottle of baby oil (not organic, but highly effective)

    Lots of people don’t believe in no-see-ums, or think that no-see-ums do not exist where they are, but… the boogers are there. Who knows what genus they are? Who, in fact, cares about that? The fact is – you cannot see these boogers, and they make you miserable. (ha ha! today, I got attacked by no-see-ums while I was teaching an ESL class. I didn’t even really realize it (I was heavy into teaching), until I looked at my hand, which was bloody, and then tracked down the hole in the skin on my upper left arm. I laughed and told the students that I was bleeding to death, so they should not look (gotta do stuff like that when you are teaching people – otherwise, they might faint). Usually, once I figure out that I am scratching, I put on 4-thieves oil. If I don’t have that handy, I go to lavender. Lavender is a good all-purpose cure for what ails you.

    • Lots of places don’t have things that are there. That may be because whoever you are talking to has not experienced them, or because they have another name for it. I go with no-see-ums because that is the first name I have seen for whoever/whatever was biting me. It is *not* in your mind. They are there. Maybe they are like fleas and only go some places but not others – my room-mate had a severe flea infestation in her room, but they did not go elsewhere in the apartment. I didn’t believe her at first, so she killed some and put them in water and showed them to me. I had bedbugs, but they did not go to my room-mate’s room, so she did not believe that they were there.

  55. Btw they do travel with.

    Well, duh! If you are having a no-see-um issue in NYC, for example, the boogers might follow you home (or not). In my experience, no-see-ums are little bitty bitey bugs. They do not follow me around, necessarily, i.e., nobody bites me in the bed, nobody bites me in the supermarket, but, yes, I get bitten a lot in my clasroom, and other people have accused the school of having a bedbug problem, simply because this little boogers are not from home and will not go away without a fight.

  56. Pingback: NO-SEE-UM’s WAR REVISITED – Compendium of Recommendations | PRETTY SMART NATURAL IDEAS

  57. Thank you all for sharing your stories. I was in Sequoia National Park in May (2013) and had my first experience of no see ums–no awareness of the bites at the time, itching a few hours later, welts followed, symptoms persistent for a week. I was able to get a measure of relief by a combination of topical anti-itch cream (over the counter from the druggist) plus, more importantly, I believe, dosing with Allegra and, when that ran out, Claritin. Now that I know from you other measures to take, I feel a bit more equipped to deal with any other no see um attacks which might come along. But my main approach will be to avoid these miserable insects!! Thanks again.

    FROM ME:
    Best of luck avoiding them – in my experience, they show up anywhere. Who knew I could get them in one classroom in a school in NYC, but not in any other. Doctors will diagnose you with anything from hives to bedbugs (once you actually have bedbugs, you can sneer at them – been there, done that)

    I carry a couple of things in my bag with me every day: four thieves oil, lavender oil, and baby oil (I put it in a tiny leftover jar from a spent essential oil)

    Lavender oil is my basic go-to remedy – headache, itch, cut, scratch, need perfume.
    Four thieves will usually do whatever the lavender oil won’t do.
    Baby oil – if I know I am going into a room where I’ve run into no-see-ums before, first I rub some baby oil onto my exposed skin (neck, arms, chest, ankles. If that doesn’t work, then, once I realize that I’m a scratching, I put on some four thieves oil.

  58. I started having a problem with no-see-ums about a month ago and they are driving me crazy! Anything that bites or stings comes to me—–always said I was a walking blue-plate special. The bug-zapper sounds like the best solution as everything else has failed. They are now immune to vinegar which was the best for me because of allergies.

  59. Vinegar is used to attract fruit flies to traps, so I wouldn’t use vinegar in a spray. I’ll try baby oil and vitamin B1. Thank you for those ideas. I plan to pour some baby oil down a ribbed roof gutter tube they might be breeding in.

    Bananas are supposed to make us more tasty to mosquitoes. No see ums are attracted to foot odor, so I rinse out my socks and change them often. They are also attracted to charcoal and potting soil.

    I use a 3700 volt zapper that looks like a tennis racket, I hear the zap where one was biting me, but I’m not sure it kills them. I also use a spray bottle to knock them out of the air so they fall on the battery powered zapper. Rubbing alcohol makes a finer mist than plain water for some reason.

    I have my shirt off so they bite my back instead of my head and face. I rub the zapper over my back and elbows and knees and shins along where they seem most attracted. Don’t let the zapper near ears or nipples. Sometimes it zaps a lot more than other times, so I know I’m not imagining them.

    They aren’t attracted to light. I don’t want to have to live under no see um netting. I’ll gradually escalate to using whatever it takes to get them out.

    Don’t scratch. Rub. The finger nails aren’t any more likely to get them and they damage the skin more. Slapping where you think they are might get them too. I detect them by slight air movement near my arm hair and by the biting pain. The zapper confirms one was there.

  60. I lived in the city for over a decade. Now that I moved back to our family farm, we are miserable from noseeums. At first I thought I was loosing my mind, but my husband started to get bites as well. He doesn’t wake up to them, but counts bites in the morning. I can’t sleep at night and am exhausted! Our issue started at the beginning of summer this year, but we bought a swimming pool and it went to pure hell from there. Thankfully, my children haven’t been bothered at all and we are getting bitten in and around our bed. We have seriously thought of just burning the thing and buying a new mattress. Finally I took a magnifying glass to bed one night and realized the culprit and that I wasn’t nuts. I have placed a cup of ac vinegar by the bed and I don’t put a petroleum based product like baby oil on my skin. I do however use quite a lot of coconut oil.I put about a tbsp in my bath at night and this seems to greatly help for a few hours. Now our problem is they seem to be spreading to our closet. I have lately put on an outfit to rip it off a few minutes later. I can see them crawling on the clothes! Our bedroom is closest to the pool, but we are draining it and moving it VERY far away from out house. I tried planting herbs in my room, but that only helped briefly. Tomorrow I am going to buy a bug zapper for my bedroom. At this point, I will sleep with the thing if it will help. I am very sensitive to bug bites and I have really thought about moving!

  61. Does anyone know how to get rid of the scars left from the no-see-um bites? I had about 2 dozen bites, and was able to control the scratching and let the blisters heal and go away on their own. Now I’m left w/ the dark scars on my legs where the bites were. Any suggestions?

    FROM ME:
    Some people use vitamin E applied directly to the scar to diminish it. I’m personally fond of Strivectin – it was originally developed to get rid stretch marks and scarring, but also works on wrinkles. All of the ingredients are natural. It is not cheap, but it lasts a long time.

  62. I found your post comments while searching Google. It is very relevant information. Great work. Regularly I do not make posts on blogs, but I have to say that this posting really forced me to do so. Really awesome post. Really fantastic and I will be coming back for more information at your site and revisit it! Thank you.
    Noseeums Biting Midges .

  63. oncebittentwiceshy

    De Luz , California (between Temecula & Fallbrook) April 2014 and the bites are never ending…. Vitamin B1 helps , purchased at natural foods store.
    Why do some people continually get bites and others are not bothered by the noseeums ?
    *I eat mostly vegetable diet
    *I drink wine
    *blood type A+
    I would like to find the compare diet etc … with others to hopefully figure out a dietary solution…

    FROM ME:
    It think that if you eat more raw vegetables/fruit/nuts/seeds, you are not quite as delicious to them. It may also have to do with a sweet smell. I notice when I haven’t been eating sweet things, I experience less trouble with no-see-ums.

    • Hi..I was attacked so bad last year..7 weeks straight over 100 bites a my home !!!! My husband got none..I had to leave my home 3.5 weeks to heal and come home w hope they were gone..they were thank god..they didnt like my husband..I eat meat..type o pos blood..hate sweets..the noseeums act like mosquitos. Attracted to saliva…light means nothing to them so zappers wont work..I have fingers crossed for this year cause you cant exterminate ur home..they’re back next day..

    • bitingbitches

      My diet is 80% vegan, non smoker, blood type AB-, I live with someone whose diet is 90% meat, smokes, blood type O, we both get bitten! I read that mosquitoes “find” us by “emissions” (breath + sweat), so highly likely no seeums the same! Strong BO = more bites!

  64. Get rid of no-see-ums in RV or home. Got the idea from taking the garbage out. Have a garbage container in the kitchen. When one time while taking the garbage out noticed hundreds of no-see-ums fly out of the garbage container. I noticed that there were fruit scraps in the garbage. The no-see-ums were drawn by the fruit, So the next time the garbage was taken out, I immediately closed the top of the plastic garbage bag liner and carried the garbage outside, and then opened the garbage bag. Then hundreds of no-see-ums flew out. Also shook the bag and more came flying out. Some of the no were deep in the garbage.— I heard another name for the no-see-ums are FRUIT FLYS

    There are fruit flies and there are no-see-ums (named that way because you don’t see them. They are smaller than gnats and fruit flies. I’ve never actually seen them, but I have been bitten by them. One classroom I work in had them, and every time I was in there, I would notice I was scratching, and several of my students got bitten, too.

    • bitingbitches

      I’ve seen the fruit flies in my house attracted to fruit, i’m not sure they are the same as the ones that bite me. I feel the burning sting, I see the welt form, but I don’t see the darn bug that did it! Fruit flies are attracted to fruit, not blood!

  65. I went through about 4 months of my apt being infested with noseeums this past spring to early summer. My bldg is about one block from a harbor, so that explains how they showed up here. It was hell because for a number of weeks I could not get any sleep at night. …. I just wanted to share what worked for me towards getting the problem resolved. …..

    I never used any bombs. First off I had to throw out any house plants I had, including the ones on my balcony. They lay larvae in the moist soil and propagate well there. Second and extremely important was that I began to religiously keep all of the drains in my place close or if need be covered with tape such as duct tape. I also kept the toilet seat down and covered. If they have access to water they will propagate there. … One thing I began doing at night just before I would go to bed was to shower and lather myself up with Dr Bronners Peppermint soap. I would stand outside the shower stream after I got good and wet and lather myself up good and then leave it on my whole body for a good five minutes. Then I would do a quick rinse, dry and then go to bed. ……. The peppermint oil in the soap really kept them off of me for a good part of the night.

    I suppose one could purchase pure peppermint oil (very expensive), and put that on your skin, but I think that would be too strong for the skin to handle and it would cost too much for sure. …….. Unfortunately the Dr Bronners liquid soap today is not what it was 15 years ago. Like most things you buy today, they put less product in and charge more. There is a lot less peppermint oil in Dr Bronners today than there used to be. I was fortunate enough to have an old bottle in the closet that served me well. The other great thing about the peppermint is that it kills the itch from previous bites. …… I found that they are most aggressive around 3am to 5am which is when bed bugs are most active also. Just as with bed bugs, the noseeums are drawn to the carbon dioxide that you exhale from respiration, so they tend to like to crawl up your nose etc. I found I had to use medical tape to tape a dust mask to my face before I went to bed at night to keep them out of my nose and mouth. That sucked, but it helped a lot.

    Maybe this info will be of some help to someone else. I hope it is.

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