Yesterday morning, I suddenly realized that I had a “nifty” full-blown case of shingles… again!  (I don’t want to sound like I am bragging, but this is my 15th occurrence of shingles.  I say this because most physicians will tell you that you can only get it once.  My dermatologist told me, when I mentioned my experience, that it is, in fact, possible to get shingles more than once.   So… if you have had it more than once, don’t feel discouraged when they laugh in your face… if you have had it once, you are an expert and can recognize it if it ever comes back.  Stick to your guns.  I only wish I had been seriously documenting all these occurrences. I could probably get listed on some list of medical freaks, and, perhaps, even be paid for being studied by people who want to know how I can do this so well– I mean, I am really good at shingles).

Anyway, at first, I feared I had a skin cancer (a sore which would not heal), or worse, some kind of  breast cancer (this sore was on my breast and there was a long line of red on either end of it).  Washing it with my hand, I felt the tell-tale “bubbles”, and knew it was shingles again.  (This occurrence is really annoying because I cannot wear a bra.  I have to wear a tight-ish t-shirt under a baggy blouse or sweater)  

I went to the dermatologist’s office without calling to make an appointment and begged to have him see me, citing shingles as a life-threatening emergency.    When the doctor saw me, he immediately agreed with my diagnosis, but he refused to give me the Zovirax cream, saying that it wasn’t very good (I’m sorry, but I am an expert at what works for my shingles!  I want Zovirax!)  He gave me pills which affect me just about the way “walking chemo” affects people who have that – no energy,  disorientation, etc.  I’m taking it anyway, but I still have THE PAIN.  

I got out my bottle of Four Thieves Oil and spread it all over the shingle lesion.  Woo-hoo!  Major agony (although not as bad as the agony of non-stop shingles pain).  The sting of the Four Thieves Oil lasted about 1 minute, and then there was no pain at all. I almost forgot about the shingles.  

The relief lasts about 4 hours, so I need to tote the bottle with me and re-apply, but, at least, I can be in control (who wants people to be watching them stroking the side of their boob all the time)

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