Three days ago, my dear sweet green-eyed tiger kitty decided that I had petted her enough and smacked me to tell me to cut it out. Unfortunately, she had her claws out, and left two long claw marks.  No problem, I’ve been scratched by cats many times…….only…..

Yesterday, the scratches had really red edges, and the scabbed parts were weepy with a clear liquid.  By mid-day, there was a huge patch of red itchy bumpy swollen skin around the scratches, taking up about 1/3 of the inside of my arm.  I went to the doctor, who said it was an infection, and prescribed some kind of “mycin” pill and a cortisone cream for the itch.  The cortisone cream didn’t work, and, anyway, the skin was still weepy,  so, first, I put lavender oil on the area. That did help a bit, but,

today, when I realized that I was clawing my own self because of the unbelievably “painful itching”, I decided to try my Four Thieves Oil.  This oil I use is made of 100% essential oils, so it is a bit strong.  I applied about 4 drops of the oil and rubbed it all over the affected area.  There was a bit of a sting initially, but, then, if you put merthiolate or iodine on an open wound, you would get a sting.  Now, I am blissfully free of unpleasant sensation in that area.  I like to think that the oil is also entering the open sores and doing a number on the bacteria.  I’ll know more later about that.  I’m just happy to be itch free.

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