SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE THE AMISH WAY – from Pioneer Thinking blog

I remember simpler ways, simply because I am older than most people who read my blogs, and I was a hippie, lived on a farm with no electricity, then moved back to the city and worked at being as simple as I could.  I prepared my food with a knife, and I didn’t cook it (that is something that has stuck with me). Still, there is even simpler, and Pioneer Thinking blog has brought it to us.  This is a blog post that talks about the difference between an Amish life, which Ama Dee Olsen once lived, and the life in “the world” which she now juggles. She discusses the changes that she has gone through, and, also, how to step back and take a deep breath, and be more simple.  If nothing else, it might give you some ideas about how you can simplify your life, or, at least, eliminate some of the stress and clutter.


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