MORE ON ITCH-BE-GONE: Yes, it’s shingles!

I finally realized that this was episode #20 of shingles.   Got past all that “head talk”, based on previous doctors’ poo-pooing. There comes a point when you just look at it, and you know.

The Itch-Be-Gone did marvels keeping me comfortable while I was ignoring the reality (it’s all over my right side, and couldn’t be anything else). When I ran out of the oils to make the remedy, I broke down and went to the pharmacy to see if I still had a refill on file. Yea! I got the doctor medicine and it worked, which confirms my diagnosis.

This is good to know, because, the next time, I won’t have to go to the doctor. I’ll just use Itch-Be-Gone until it gives up the ghost.

The news for you, my readers, is that, even if you have the most hellish itch, this stuff works really really well.   And, if you do happen to have shingles, but don’t have insurance, there is very nice help (and it smells good, too.)

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