The picture at the top looks like my home, New York City (If I squint really hard, that building in the background looks quite a bit like my beloved World Trade Center, which I used to look to every morning, mid-day, afternoon, and evening, as a guiding compass in this city I call home (the first instruction  I was given about the subway when I came here was to, upon emerging to the street, look for the World Trade Center to orient yourself North, South, East, and West.

I love New York City. I honestly cannot realistically imagine living anywhere else.  I have lived in several different areas of this country, and several different countries, all of which have been beautiful, exciting, attractive, and fun, but no place in the world, even the place where I grew up (Norfolk, Virginia), has ever felt so much like home.  Yeah, I am a City Girl.  I think I was born one, because, as soon as I learned of New York City (when I was 13), I knew that that was the place for me.

Usually, when you see sites which talk about natural things, you see pictures of grass, or vegetables, or beaches.(Now this is interesting to me, because my soul is on the beach. I grew up beside the ocean, and I cannot imagine living far from the ocean.  If I know that the ocean can be reached within an hour, I am okay.  I finally figured out that that was the problem when I lived in the beautiful  Colorado mountains, but always felt lost. No ocean.I think a great river might work, but I have never tried it, and, at this stage, probably never will– New York is my home, but I will always hie to the beaches of the East Coast, preferably Virginia Beach, where I grew up, or North Carolina’s Outer Banks, to nourish my spirit and heal my soul. I just cannot live there.) I prefer the East Coast beaches because the sun rises from the ocean there… in California, I felt disoriented because the sun goes down into the ocean. I have never lived in a place where I could see the sun come up and go down into the ocean… that must be very interesting.  

I am a nutrition counselor (nutritionist, if you will) and medical hypnotherapist  (the two go hand in hand, as I see it.  I am also a certified aromatherapist and herbologist.  I got a lot of my training in many areas by way of my Naturopathic Doctor training.

A child of the 60s, I grew up in an area (Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA) where we had a wealth of opportunities to become interested in natural health and hygiene (Edgar Cayce’s ARE was my favorite hangout as a teenager, with its peaceful view, from the old building’s porch rocking chairs, of the ocean, and its wonderful library full of mysterious and seemingly subversive information.)

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