Eczema Attitude: I will do what I will do

April 30,  2020

I’ve talked enough about eczema in the past few months.  (That’s how it goes:  you can’t really tell your  neighbors, or even your close friends, because they just can’t understand and they’ll grow tired of your “complaints”.  You can’t wear what you might like to wear because it might expose really scary looking skin, and people might grimace and back off — what is a tanktop?  It’s embarrassing.  The super in my building asked me if I had bedbugs because I had shoved my sleeves up to my elbows when I stopped to ask him a question, so I had to go through the whole song and dance, and I even offered to show him the prescriptions from doctors.)

So, at last writing, I mentioned what I was doing: using the prescription items from the hospital doctors as well as my aromatherapy and homeopathic remedies.

The infection is clearing up quite rapidly, now that, on top of all else, I rub in a few drops of oregano oil, neat (my aromatherapy diploma course said that you only need a few drops in a whole bottle of carrier oil, but the “zing” that I feel when I put the oregano oil directly on that area makes me feel like it is really working)

My mother, bless her heart, sent me a little booklet she’d picked up at the dermatologist’s office, which talks about the possibility that dietary and lifestyle  (stress) issues may bring on eczema.  Why do you think that I am a raw vegan? Certainly not because I like carrots!   I’ve seen most of those ideas on the internet, and it is worthwhile, I think, to play around with elimination diets, to see if any particular food triggers or aggravates an eczema bout.

So, anyway, my basics now are oregano oil, and my long-time favorite, Four Thieves oil (search in my blog’s search box) I’ve always used Four Thieves neat. I like the fragrance, and other people often ask me what perfume I am wearing (That beats: “Hey, how come you smell like a salad?”)  I do often use Medicine Mama’s All in One Healing Skin Cream (beeswax, royal jelly, honey, etc) as a carrier, especially if I need to cover major areas of skin – right now, upper back, lower hiney, inner thighs, arms from hands to shoulders, and legs from knee to toe.)

At this point, I am feeling pretty good.  My ankles and feet are no longer swollen with the lesions, my arms are thin once again, and almost soft, I can walk normally, and I can see the bones in the backs of my hands. (I’m still waiting to see the bones in my right foot, but I am sure they are there and will come back as soon as they can)


I can’t just sit around and watch TV (not having a TV helps with that), so I’ve gone back to school, sort of.  I came across a Groupon for an on-line course in Aromatherapy, and I thought that might be fun, so, 3 days into NO WORK BECAUSE MY JOB SHUT DOWN TO WORSHIP THE VIRUS, I have finished 14 fairly rigorous modules out of the 22 modules in this program.  Honestly, it isn’t what I expected (truth to tell, I just wanted to get more info on essential oil usage, as well as making oil blends), but, since I paid for it, I figured I might as well work my way through it.  It is kind of interesting learning about human biology and how the body systems work, and there are some suggestions of specific oils to use for certain issues.

Why am I telling you this? No, I am not associated with the provider, Centre of Excellence.  I just think that their courses are reasonably well put-together, and even though the diploma will be one of those British style ones (not pretty like my high school and college diplomas, or even my TEFL/TESL certificate; British style certificates/diplomas look  more like a packing slip), I feel like I’m learning something.

So, I will tell you the real reason I’ve decide to write this bit about Centre of Excellence courses:  I was just finishing my latest “assessment” (or exam), and had clicked on SEND, when I got an error message:  It was telling me that I had not answered one of the questions!!!!!!  Honestly, never in all my born days, have I had a tester remind me that I had left a question un-answered!  Usually, you just have to take the hit.

So, there you have it.  If you’re looking for something to do, look for a Groupon for this outfit (or a similar one: I’ve taken several of International Open Academy’s courses- and *they* have a really nice certificate!) Another thing I like about COE is that they have a Facebook page for people who are taking the courses.