DETOX BATH – lower stress hormones, balance pH levels, draw out toxins

(to lower stress hormones, balance pH levels, and draw out toxins)
based on recipe from Raw for Beauty

Handful of Epsom salt or sea salt
1/2 C baking soda
10 drops lavender essential oil

Thoroughly mix all ingredients
Draw a warm bath.
Add bath ingredients and swish around to mix thoroughly in the bath.
Get in the bath, sit, and relax for 20 minutes.

Relax in this bath once a week.

MORE ON ITCH-BE-GONE: Yes, it’s shingles!

I finally realized that this was episode #20 of shingles.   Got past all that “head talk”, based on previous doctors’ poo-pooing. There comes a point when you just look at it, and you know.

The Itch-Be-Gone did marvels keeping me comfortable while I was ignoring the reality (it’s all over my right side, and couldn’t be anything else). When I ran out of the oils to make the remedy, I broke down and went to the pharmacy to see if I still had a refill on file. Yea! I got the doctor medicine and it worked, which confirms my diagnosis.

This is good to know, because, the next time, I won’t have to go to the doctor. I’ll just use Itch-Be-Gone until it gives up the ghost.

The news for you, my readers, is that, even if you have the most hellish itch, this stuff works really really well.   And, if you do happen to have shingles, but don’t have insurance, there is very nice help (and it smells good, too.)


I have boldly copied this recipe from, and I hope she will not mind (please go visit this wonderful site  – there are so many interesting and useful things there!)

Itch-Be-Gone Recipe

  1. Fill a 2 ounce spray bottle to the shoulder with witch hazel.
  2. Add the following essential oils (not fragrance oils!):
  • 5 drops Lavender
  • 2 drops Frankincense
  • 3 drops Tea Tree

In my real life, I did not have any witch hazel, so I doubled the amounts and put them in a little bottle I could carry with me.

I have had a really bad rash for about a week. I have tried lots of things that have worked a little (doctor medicine, my own ideas, what other people have told me), but this EO recipe has worked really well for me. I am thinking about trying it with the witch hazel, but right now I am very very happy to use the oil only. It helps for contact dermatitis, as well as this strange rash (I don’t think it is shingles again, but it does look strangely like that – too bad there’s no money to go to the dermatologist) This oil blend takes the sting/itch away so I don’t have to scratch my skin bloody.

Nourishing Traditions says it is also good for bug bites and heat rash.

Many thanks to Nourishing TraditionsT


Lucky me!

I slept with my “mystery metal watch” on, and woke up with “contact dermatitis” (or, what I call “rich girl syndrome”).  I know that goes away after a bit, so I ignored it. Only problem was: I ignored it on a conscious level, but I kept scratching it (probably because I put the watch back on the next day).  Voila! Impetigo! (okay, that is my self-diagnosed issue, based on the fact that it looks like what the dermatologist told me when I had something that looked like this before: I can’t afford to pay the co-pay right now, so I am relying on previous diagnoses, and natural remedies)

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I am a big FOUR THIEVES OIL fan.  I put that on, and it reduced the discomfort. Then I ran out.  I put coconut oil with orange oil on it. That helped some, but it didn’t reduce the swelling, and the UNBEARABLE ITCH (WHICH IS DANGEROUS) kept coming back.  This afternoon, I suddenly remembered that I had some grapefruit seed extract oil in the back of the closet. It’s old, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try.  I put the grapefruit seed extract on the lesions and rubbed it around.  Then I put some coconut oil on the spot and rubbed that around, in hopes of diluting the grapefruit seed extract a bit. I went back to what I was doing, and noticed that I was going to have to scratch my arm off.  I understood that at least part of that lovely sensation was the grapefruit seed extract working, and another partmight well be the coconut oil working, but it didn’t stop the discomfort.  After a while, I could not take it anymore, and I rubbed some lavendar oil all over the area.  That was an hour ago.  Immediately after I rubbed the lavendar oil on, the discomfort began to die down.  Now, one hour later, the color is less vivid. If I touch the area, it says “itch”, but I don’t need to scratch it, so I don’t want to touch it anymore right now, and I don’t feel any need to.

This is a major breakthrough for right now.  I can live my life without thinking about my forearm constantly.

I’ll let you know later how it’s doing.


This is kind of scary. As we grow older (and we all do, starting from birth), our thyroids are subject to aging as well, and they are also subject to whatever we do nutritionally or even environmentally.

Please check out this post from Rodale about 9 Thyroid Damagers Hiding in your Home


Here are two good sites for aromatherapy/essential oil info.

SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE THE AMISH WAY – from Pioneer Thinking blog

I remember simpler ways, simply because I am older than most people who read my blogs, and I was a hippie, lived on a farm with no electricity, then moved back to the city and worked at being as simple as I could.  I prepared my food with a knife, and I didn’t cook it (that is something that has stuck with me). Still, there is even simpler, and Pioneer Thinking blog has brought it to us.  This is a blog post that talks about the difference between an Amish life, which Ama Dee Olsen once lived, and the life in “the world” which she now juggles. She discusses the changes that she has gone through, and, also, how to step back and take a deep breath, and be more simple.  If nothing else, it might give you some ideas about how you can simplify your life, or, at least, eliminate some of the stress and clutter.



Know what is in the product you’re using on clothes which will be next to your skin. Easily and inexpensively make your own natural laundry starch, save money and avoid aerosols.

You’ll need:
1 spray bottle
2 t corn starch
1 C room temperature water
1 – 2 drops essential oil (if desired)

  • Mix cornstarch and water until well-combined (the mix will look milky)
  • Add in essential oil (if desired)
  • Put the mixture in a spray bottle.

Refrigerate between uses. Before using, allow the starch mixture to return to room temperature and shake well to re-mix.
This solution will work for ironing any starch-able iron-able fabric.

MAKING YOUR OWN FRAGRANCE PRODUCTS: getting bottles and ingredients

On my way to see a client, I  noticed a store with all sorts of bottles in the window. Since I make up lots of different oil blends, I am always looking for a good source of little bottles.

When I went in, I saw that this store, Gold Star Fragrances, carries all sorts of fragrance oils.  Most of these are of the famous fragrance brand names (you can  get Thierry Mugler Alien, or Philosophie Amazing Grace, for instance), but there are others to use for making up one’s own blends. They do have a few essential oils, but most of their oils seem to be of the synthetic variety.

I had planned to buy two bottles to make a calming blend and a gem elixir for a client.  I thought the price for the bottles was a little steep, but I was stunned to find out, when the clerk plopped two large plastic bags of bottles on the counter, that the quoted price was for a dozen glass bottles!

Armed with so many bottles, I came home and started to think about how to make cologne for me and  mine.

There are recipes on-line, of course!
Pioneer Thinking website has a lot of information as well as recipes.
How to Make Perfume with Essential Oils contains tips on types of fragrances as well as a basic recipe (all of this at the end of the article).
4 Ways to Make Your Own Perfume  is just that – from essential oil-based to how to use herbs and flowers.
How to Make a Natural Perfume has more thoughts.

More later!


Silly me! I mean, I am a nutritionist, but… I just never thought about it. There are nutritional steps you can take if you have shingles.

I got this from National Nutrition

* Avoid coffee, cola, and black tea – caffeine depletes nutrients needed to deal with stress
* Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.
* Take  a Vitamin B complex, ase well a Vitamin C, Oregano Oil, and lysine to boost your immune system
* Use capsaicin cream or Four Thieves oil to relieve discomfort